Hello everybody an update from the president here, not the president of the USA or anything like that, but the president of, drum roll, The Bible Animated. We have recently added a new volunteer, and progress is being made on Creation with Computer animation. I hope to soon have a new, updated animation up on youtube.
     There are two things I’m looking for, Prayer, for without Him we can do nothing, and it would be really nice to find somebody who could compose us some music, or if somebody could just direct us to a place we can get free music, that we won’t have legal issues using in a video.
     Now some big news. We are going to be having a contest on Facebook. We are going to need the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and the fruit of the tree of life. The Bible doesn’t describe these fruits to us, so we are looking for your ideas as to what they might have looked like. More details will follow.
     God Bless.