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     It is with a heavy heart that I type this post. I have just learned of the passing of a fantastic person, and a great LEGO animator, Aaron. Aaron passed away recently, I don't know any of the details, only just seen about it on Facebook from his mother. His family and I know where his soul is now, and that brings a peace, but the loss of a loved one is always difficult especially for the immediate family. If you could keep Aaron's family in your prayers I'm sure they'd appreciate it.
     Aaron created around a dozen videos for us here at The Bible Animated, I was privileged to do voice talent on some of them as were many others. While the loss of life is never easy it is my hope and prayer that through this difficult time that other members of the family and friends may come to know Jesus, or draw closer to him.
     I know the picture isn't great, I'm not the master LEGO builder, even if I do have a ton of LEGO.


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