One of the things that I've always hated about making a website that has a login and users is the incredibly massive amount of spam/bot accounts that are created. In the past I've just required all acounts to be approved by an admin or volunteer. This keeps the spam down on the site, but does nothing to stop from their being hundreds of null user accounts created and messing up the database.
     I've removed the login buttons from most all the places, save the bottom bar, which makes posts look cleaner to people that aren't logged in, and I think it also keeps the bots from finding those links a little bit. I've noticed less spam in the last two days than normal.
    Today I went ahead and added a captcha to the signup form, now when creating a new account you'll have to solve a textual captcha which should drastically cut down on the amount of bot submissions as bots aren't too good at solving captchas. Should a bot manage to create an account it now needs to post fifteen comments, that one of the admin team must approve, before being able to skip approval. This helps in two ways, firstly we don't have to see spammy comments on the site, and after posting fifteen good comments we can be pretty sure that you aren't a bot and won't start posting spammy comments, this lightens our load as we won't have to constantly monitor all comments that are being posted on the site.
     In other news I've created a feed for the projects page so as we get projects put on the website they'll be posted onto all of our social media which will help drum up a little more traffic to the site and might let some newer fans know about content that they didn't know we have.
     I think that's all the updates I have for right now, I should get a few more projects posted yet tonight, and you'll be seeing those both on the site here, and the links should be getting shared on social media as well.


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So I guess I lied, my "fix" for the sign in and register buttons showing on all the posts to the non logged in user also removed the ability for logged in users to post comments, so I've reverted those changes. Still looking for a way to make those buttons not show, and the only think I can find is turning off comment visibility to anon users, but I want them to be able to see comments, so right now I don't know what to do.