The other day I got an email from the guys that host and run and they had some bad news. and their related sites and services will be discontinued in May, I think it was. As you might recall we use their service to host many files, though they are all hosted on our site as well. At this time I have to ask myself, is it worth uploading all these files to some other file sharing site, that will close down in a few years, and require my uploading a bunch of files to another site, or do I just remove all the mirror links and leave our direct links and torrents for you to download files from.
     I personally am in favor of just removing the mirror links altogether. I doubt that we have enough traffic to warrant mirror links, I think we'd need to have way more people visiting the site and downloading files at the same time for there to be any noticeable impact. Looking at the stats in the last month we had about 150 visitors with an average visit duration of just thirteen seconds, and eighty-seven percent of the people that visited this site left without visiting a second page. Much of this is probably due to the lack of content and sharing of links to content because this site is rather dormant at the moment. I personally don't have much time to spare to work on projects and writing for the site when I have my own website that I'm constantly working on creating content for and making videos for my Youtube channel.
     I won't be removing the links just yet, but in the following weeks I'll start editing all the projects and remove the mirror links for the downloads. This won't effect your ability to download files in any fashion as they will continue to reside on our servers and as torrents.