It's been a while since the last post about Creation with Computer Animation. It's not because we haven't been doing anything, actually we had a video update a short time ago, and it received some critiques, the first time we've actually had any, it cut me at first, I'll be honest, but the more I read over the comments and thought about it, I realized they were true. After much debate, with myself, and some more people suggestion improvements in the animation and everything I've decided to put a temporary pause on the project and do some studying on movie directing and get a bit of training. When this project picks back up, hopefully, it will be way more amazing.
     If you are interested at all in getting involved please send us an email. We've got opening to nearly anything you might be able to do, and while we won't pay you, you'll be able to know that you are helping spread the Good News, and that's just as good as getting paid, in my humble opinion anyways.

God Bless.