So this morning I spent a little time looking around at our options for sharing a virtual temple, and I think Blend4web is the option I'm going to work with. I am already very familiar with Blender as I've been using it for years, and the Blend4web tools integrate directly into Blender which should result in a shorter learning curve for me.
     A basic model of the temple already exists from our The Life of Christ project where we did a rotation around the temple for a fact sheet. I plan on taking that model and using it as a base. I'll probably end up rebuilding most of it as I'll want better mesh for a project like this. I also didn't include the outer courtyard in the fact sheet, but I can see there being good reason to do so here. I expect after doing the temple I'll probably want to make a model of the tabernacle. If anybody wants to get involved you know what to do, just click on the big volunteer button in the menu.
     Trying out some of the demos from the Blend4Web guys I had some serious lag on my parents computer and my laptop, but the demos were seriously pretty heavy, lots of mesh and detail. I don't expect that the temple will have near so much data to download and should hopefully run a little more fluidly.
     I'm hoping to get at least a rough demo up within a week or so, I have to find out how to install the needed stuff on the server, and export the files in a fashion that works. please don't expect anything fancy for starters, things will be very bland initially, no interiors, and miserable textures, but it'll be a start.