Finished the Christmas video. It’s taken a long time. My first mistake was rendering in HD, some frames were taking eight minutes to render, should have used a lower resolution, and then because I was going between two computers i should have packed my textures but I didn’t do that, so many times a render would finish, I would watch it and then realize that some texture was missing and have to restart the whole thing.

There also are a few mistakes in the audio where I didn’t pause enough between lines so you have some extra noise at the start of a section of dialog.

At this point in time The Bible Animated doesn’t even exist. I really did this just because I made stop motion animation in the past and though this would be a lot easier, which it was, though in some ways it took more time.

The Bible Animated didn’t even begin till about a year from now, so this doesn’t really qualify as a The Bible Animated project, but because I am the only volunteer, well the only one who does the computer animation I wasn’t going to let this not be part of The Bible Animated.