If you are new to torrents you might be wondering just exactly how do you download a torrent, or what you do with the torrent file once you download it. There are two parts to a torrent, there is the actual .torrent file, and then the files that the .torrent file relates to. You can download a .torrent file with your browser the exact same way you'd download anything else, but a .torrent file doesn't do you any good if you don't know what to do with it.
     You need a torrent client, qBittorrent, Tixati, Deluge, uTorrent are just a few of the hundreds that exist. (Personally I'd suggest Tixati or qBittorrent) Once you download and install a torrent client you can start actually downloading the torrents. Think of a .torrent file as being a shortcut or a link to a much larger file, or group of files. When you add the .torrent file to your torrent client, it will scan the internet for other people that are sharing the file/s you want to download. When it finds a client that is sharing the torrent you want to download it will connect and the programs will start sharing data. A healthy torrent can have thousands of people sharing the file/s, we call them seeders, the downloaders are called leechers. You are a leecher until you start uploading parts at which point you to become a seeder. For a torrent to continue to exist it needs to have seeders, and the more the better.
     Unlike a normal download a torrent can be paused and resumed days or weeks later, you can also download only certain files if multiple files are included.
     Most torrent clients will allow you to schedule speed changes, so you can download and upload at greater speeds while you are away from the computer and not using bandwidth. Many torrent clients can also find .torrent files from an rss feed and completely automate the downloading of files for you.