Things are rolling along smoothly with website updates. I just finished copying over the blog posts from our OLD blogger blog, didn't copy all the post over because some of them were just completely useless, I blame myself for that, what a kook I was back in the day, :) Anyway though, all the useful blog posts have been ported over, most all the projects are good, just need to upload six videos to for all the projects to be hosted on our site and a mirror. All existing subtitles have been added, if anybody is interested in creating subtitles for other videos or translating please let us know, we'd love to add more.
     All projects are live on the site, waiting for you to go through and watch them and share them with your friends.
     I also sent out a massive email to our six past volunteers asking them to update their profiles if they want, so you could see some updates to the volunteer profiles which would be pretty sweet.
     There is still behind the scenes work to do, but things are really wrapping up pretty nicely here. The only thing that still needs to be implemented, and I'm not even sure if I'm going to do this, is the mini sermons and the sermon feed on iTunes. I haven't been doing mini sermons in forever and see no chance of me picking that back up as I'm just strapped for time with all my other stuff I'm doing, both here and elsewhere.
     I have been thinking about doing some more blog posts about the Bible, I'm going to a Bible study and thought that I might share some of the things that I'm learning there in blog posts here, I could very easily add some more categories to the blog and have sub-blogs as it were on different books of the Bible or topics. Let me know what you think about that in the comments.
     That's about it for now. I've got files to upload.