When I realized that we weren’t going to be able to finish the Easter video by Easter, I decided that it should be changed into a book like the Christmas one. I typed up the whole general script and started making plans for it.
   It took slightly more than three months to finish the book, and almost didn’t get finished in time. I learned more about the software we used in this project than in any other. I also killed a laptop and had a buy a new one.
   Render Tracer really failed me, (He gave me permission to say this) though he didn’t come out and say he was going to help me with the book he was a volunteer, and he didn’t help, very much. He did circulate the links as they came out, and he asked people to become fans, so he didn’t completely fail the company, but he did admit he plays to many video games, and is trying to cut back on some of them and help more with our publications.
   Now that the book is finished I can honestly say that I am very proud of how it turned out. I was worried that it wouldn’t turn out, but after we changed out characters from being real people to using the Playmobil people, things went faster. The broken laptop didn’t help either.
   I used several new techniques in The Truth. I had a few new programs to use, and a graphics tablet, which was stellar for painting. I used soft shadows which I hadn’t done before, and used the new alpha version of Blender for several images, the new features were great, but I’m going to wait till the next stable release to completely switch over.
   I learned that I can’t use deadlines, and will in the future hopefully be better with scheduling things. I was working crazy hours the last few weeks trying to get the book finished, which thankfully I did.
   In closing i just want to throw out a big kudos to my biggest fan, whose name I won’t mention, Thank you for all the encouragement, and prayers, the silly messages, and the work you did. This completely wouldn’t have been possible without you. One day we’ll see the fruits of our labor.
Nathan Salapat
President of The Bible Animated.