So I'm throwing this at you guys hoping somebody might know what I'm doing wrong, with a specific problem, I'm sure I'm doing lots of things wrong in life ;)
     Here is the deal. We have projects on the site, and each project is it's own page, you should totally check some of them out. What I want to do is put a block on each project page, which I think I know how to do with some small changes to the URLs so that's not a big deal, my problem is I don't want to make a new block for every project. (Sorry for getting so technical guys that have no idea what I'm talking about) I'm using Views 3 to make the project overview pages, just pulling in project type posts and filtering by some tags. I thought I'd be able to create a new field in the project type called project_tag, this tag would be passed to the block and then all blog posts that had that tag would be shown in the sidebar. I created a view as a block which worked just fine when I manually provided the tag to filter with, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to use the project_tag from the page I'm on to filter the view. I've seen a couple youtube videos where they do some stuff with users and one where they were just using taxonomy tags, but that only works if you only have one tag, and all my projects will have multiple tags.
     Can anybody point me to some good references or help me figure this out?

     EDIT: Great news guys, I got it working, or seeming to work anyway. Check out the project page for The Life of Christ and any other project. You'll notice that The Life of Christ shows a related blog post and that all the other projects don't show a sidebar at all.