I know I've been a little quite since my first post, but believe me I've been busy. I've just finished doing a HUGE cleanup. There were several thousand spam posts, and probably close to a thousand user accounts that either had no posts, or just spam posts. I had to sift through all the posts deleting all the spam comments, and 99.9% of all comments were just that. Once the comments were all cleaned up I was able to sort users by the amount of posts. I removed all the accounts that had no posted content, because they were likely all spam bots. The accounts that I manually checked mostly had the last access time the same as when they joined, so I think they joined, left a spammy comment and then never visited the site again. This could have been prevented if somebody would have been keeping tabs on the comments, obviously that wasn't happening though. I'm in the process of changing the signup process to hopefully prevent the spammers from getting access.
     There are a handful of updates I would like to make, but I'm not too sure how to do them, I'll be bugging Nathan to see if he can't help me out with some of the changes that I'd like to make.
     I almost forgot to mention. I got the login creditials for Twitter, so I can start posting on there. At one point it looks like posts would get tweeted automatically, but that appears to be broken, just another thing to look into fixing. Until that time I'll just manually tweet the links. :)

Soli Deo gloria