I hopefully will be having many blog posts from this point on out, as I've been setting aside my Wednesday evening to work on TBA related things. This evening I thought I'd work on the actual model of the tabernacle, rather than keep trying to figure out how Blend4Web works. One of the difficulties I'm having is that there is no good reference works to go off of. Obviously the Bible is my first resource, and while it does have a great deal of information, it doesn't have illustrations. I imagine many aspects of this image below will be changed in future updates, but it does give me a good point of reference. I will be creating better quality assets for most everything you see here. I just need to decided where to draw the line between details and speed. If I want this to be able to be viewed in a web browser I can't go crazy overboard with details. Deciding where that line should be is going to be the tricky part.
Model of the tabernacle