This evening I did some work on the website in addition to working on the Tabernacle model. A new version of Drupal was released which fixed some sort of bug that could allow a hacker to escalate their privileges, which of course is very bad. The update process was painless and only took a few minutes. You probably won't notice any difference at all, unless you are a hacker, and in that case good luck sucker. :P
     On to other news, I added the candle stick thingy, menorah, which is visible in the picture above. I also got the altar of incense and the table of showbread added, they are just simple cubes, so they were super easy. The only things still needed to be modeled are the ark of the covenant and various curtains. Of course there is also a multitude of small improvements that can be made in models and textures. The modeling is to a point where I can start working with Blend4Web again and see if I can't get this model to work in an interactive state so people can explore the tabernacle like they are really there.

That's it for the updates this week guys, I'll see you next week when we'll have some more updates.

I almost forgot to include the link to the .blend file of the tabernacle as it currently sits at the time of posting this. You can grab a copy of it here. (right click and save as)


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Looking great. :D