I didn't really do a whole lot of anything this evening, just some material tweaks, most of which won't even be used for the final animation or the VR experience, as I was changing around materials and textures in Blender Internal, and when rendered out for animation I'll be using Cycles, and the VR version will be using Blend4Web's materials, so the materials I created are mostly pointless. I did however make a quick and dirty render with Blender Internal.
     Here is a still render from the scene.
Tabernacle render
I did add a few things, such as the ties on the pillars, and the ties that hold the fabric over the top of the actual tabernacle building. I know they aren't all super visible in this image, but you'll be able to see them a little more in the animation. I achieved the slightly beaten look of the gold and silver buy using a normal map of a cloud texture, that mixed with a little bit of reflection creates a semi realistic representation of polished metals.

     I added ropes to the pillars that go between the clothes that surround the courtyard. I duplicated those, as linked meshes, so I only had to change one mesh and everything else updated and used the same data. I did have to make a few small changes to the layout to get the corners all working as they have the ropes running at a forty-five degree angle to either of the two walls, but I rather like the effect.

     Many of the models within this scene may be replaced in the future, it all depends on how well Blend4Web is capable of rendering the data out.
     For those of you interested I have uploaded the current state of the scene, and you can download it here. (Right click and save as)


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