When I was looking online for reference images for the temple I realized that there were two temples yet we only planned to recreate one digitally, that didn't seem right to me so I thought it over and changed plans. We will be scrapping David's temple and be building the tabernacle first, then we'll move on to the first temple (David's/Solomon's) and finally build the second temple (Herod's) of course this will take longer as there will be three models to build, but I think it will be worth it.
     I have downloaded the SDK for Blend4web and hopefully will be able to start work on some of the modeling tomorrow. As soon as I figure out the process of getting the models online I'll be doing so, and updating them as I can. Eventually I want to have them furnished and give them viewer the ability to select the objects and learn more about them.I have a long way to go before I figure that kind of coding though, and of course don't forget about my full time job and personal website stuff I need to do.