As I’m working on the Easter book entitled “The Truth” I have run into several problems, the most recent being files not loading properly, and incompatibility issues. I haven’t lost anything, but I can get annoying when you have to do the same thing several times before it will work.

     I still hope to have the book finished by Easter, though it won’t be as full of pictures as the past books have been. I’m trying to do a good job, but go as quickly as possible, and then once it’s finished if I have time go through and add in more pictures where I would like to, but right now I’m aiming for a bare bones version so it will be finished by Easter. I’m working mostly on this project in the mornings 5:15-6:00, and then in the evenings from around 8:30-10:00. I need to devote more time to this project, but working full time, and chores around the house make time hard to come by.