Hey everybody, more updates, 'cause I'm on a roll right now. :) Actually like I mentioned in the previous post I'm trying to spend a little more time working on this site currently. Not sure how long this will last, so I'm really trying to pound out anything and everything I can right now. For example the forum got a HUGE makeover. I don't have a before picture, probably should have taken one of those before I went ahead and spent an hour or two messing with the CSS and PHP, which for the record, I shouldn't touch PHP. I have no idea what I'm doing there and cause more problems than good, but CSS on the other hand, I'm decent at. The forum looks much more like a normal forum now, rather than just this jumbled mess that looked like complete and entire garbage.

     After fixing the forum I spent a little time drawing a default face for all our volunteers that haven't yet uploaded a photo of themselves. In their defense some of them have never logged onto this version of the site, and could have quite possibly forgotten about the fact that they ever helped us out. I should really look through my old backups and see if I have images of any of them that I could use instead. I just really couldn't stand all the missing graphics, even with them all being the same they look better than no graphics at all.
     The last thing I worked on today was the virtual tabernacle. Blend4Web just released a new version, yesterday actually, so I'm working with completely new tools, well updated anyway. Now I never did figure out how the logic and everything worked in Blend4Web before, and unfortunately I'm no closer now than I was back then. I can't make heads or tails of what I'm suppose to be doing. The only tutorial I can find is several years old, and several things have changed from the time that was written to now, and I really have no idea what I'm doing. I expect I could work on all the modeling of the tabernacle, and then just drop the file into the software later on down the road. I'll probably just start working on that more. All the integration works just fine with Blender, so I can get everything setup in the scene with the collisions and textures.
     If any of you out there happen to know how to use Blend4Web I'd sure appreciate a holler.

    Until next time...