I've added all our volunteers to the website, find more about them by visiting the About Us tab and clicking on their profiles. I should mention that most of the volunteers listed there haven't contributed in quite some time, in fact I just grabbed their information from our old site and copied it over.
     Profiles are listed in order of user points, so the more active a volunteer is on the site the higher on the list their name will be displayed. Volunteer profiles are coming along smoothly, still more stuff to change, I'd really like to have the profile picture display at the right of the about me text, but that might not be possible, have to do more digging around for that.
     If you are listed as a volunteer, it means at one point you helped us out and created a profile, if you want to have access to your account please send an email to admin@thebibleanimated.com and I'll add your email and send you the login information so you can make changes to your profile, add links, and contribute to the site. If you'd like your profile removed send an email to the same address and I can take your profile down.