Yesterday we started the web site on the paid server. But we had to wait to today to actually begin uploading any files.
   It took about an hour to get all the files uploaded and to update the pages and links for the new site. Things went well, save for ruining the hit counter, and replacing it with a unique visitor list, the number of ISP’s that have visited the site, not the times the site has been loaded, which is what I want. I plan on keeping the unique visitor count and putting the hits directly below it.
I was able to create a poll with the servers programs, so now we do have a poll on the home page.
   I can speak on behalf of the whole The Bible Animated team and say we are very please to have this new site, and the domain. The business cards are on their way, about twenty more days until they arrive and we begin distribution.
After the lengths I went through to get the site, and the visa gift cards, and the minor problems that crept up and the worries about the gift cards not working online, I an so happy that this is all set up and running. All I can say is GOD IS AWESOME.