So today I took a trip.
I stopped at Walgreens and my bank.

My mission: Find out more information about pre-paid visas, and visa gift cards.

what I learnd: I can get either, but both have their pros and cons.

The Pros.
Pre-paid card:
Can reload at any time.

Visa gift card:
No information need to purchase.

The Cons.
Pre-paid card:
$4.95 activation fee
$2.95 fee a month, unless I have more than 30 transactions, which won't happen.
Need all sorts of information to purchase.

Visa gift card:
Can't add more funds.
$3.95 activation fee
$2.50 fee every month after 13 months of inactivity.

So looking at these two, it looks like the gift card is the better way to go, though it will require me buying a new card every time I use up the funds.

I will be talking with the VP before anything is decided, but by the end of the month we should have an upgraded website, registered domain, and business cards!!!!!!!