Ya, I know, this post is a day late, before you drag me out of town and tar and feather me let me take a moment to explain things, both why this is a day late and why there aren't any new updates to the tabernacle. So yesterday was super busy, and I know what you're thinking, excuses, all excuses, but honestly it was busy. I took the whole week off for my birthday and yesterday consisted of spending a few hours shopping for food for my birthday dinner, and then there was the preparing and cooking of the food. I've also been doing a lot of biking during my vacation, trying to get out for at least an hour a day, so there was that. Anyway when it was all said and done I just didn't have any time, but I can redeem myself, because on Tuesday I spent some time in the evening working on the site getting comments back on the blog posts, which took far longer than it should have. Once I had comments back I despised the way they looked, so I had to modify the template file and the css to get that more to my liking and to not look so stupid on the site. I also realized that I didn't share the .blend file last week of the tabernacle, so I've uploaded that this morning, and will be updating that post with the link, so if you want to either work on the model or do whatever with it, you will be able to. :)