So a while back I had done a reply tweet to 3dworldmag. They had tweeted. Let's share our knowledge and all become better 3D artists! What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?
My reply was. It’s not the tool that you use, but the vision that you have. I had hoped that they would retweet me, they didn't, but later they did a compilation of a bunch of the info they got. This page was tweeted by and then a guy was reading it and he stumbled upon my advice, and he sent us an email. I've only copied part of it.

     "I stumbled upon your site through a tweet by about a post on (the best advice for cg artists) in which they quoted you saying “It’s not the tool that you use, but the vision that you have”.
     After seeing what you've done and what your vision is with Creation with Computer Animation, I'd like to offer some assistance where I can. God has blessed me with a quite powerful computer with a six-core processor,  and I read in your FAQ that you only had one computer to render the animations on. If you'd like, I'm willing to render your animations on my computer for you, and perhaps help out here and there with Blender, as I'm a blender-user too."

I tend to put the link for The Bible Animated anytime I can, always trying to spread the word. Never thought that this would come about from that tweet though. The whole idea that something that I didn't even know about, I hadn't know about the compilation being put together 'til I saw the link in this email, and God used this to draw somebody to our site, and to move his heart to volunteer to help out. I am constantly blown away at how God is helping us out. From fans on facebook, to hits on our website, to volunteers, to subscribers, down to the fact that all the software we use is free. GOD IS JUST AWESOME, and HE continues to blow me away with everything he does for our little ministry.