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3D temple

I've been thinking that we should harness some of the excellent work by the guys at BlendforWeb and create some explorable models of Biblical things, such as David's temple.

I agree, also there's another website group/company know as Sketchfab that allows you to upload and embed your 3D models to websites as well. It's free for most of it's services, and it has a addon built-in to Blender to upload models. :) -Tim

There is also p3d which offers similar service, I've never used Sketchfab but I know that BlendforWeb lets you do interactive stuff, so you can actually control your walking. p3d just give you a view of the entire model that you can zoom and rotate, but not actually walk through.

P.S. this forum works horribly, I think I need to find something better, or figure out how to configure this to be more forum like.

Agreed. this forum could be a bit better. 

I'm on it guys, this is fairly low on the list of importance. if Nathan stopped wasting so much time things could get done faster.

Better now guys?

I will try and see if I can get rid of the per comment replies, as we don't need that kind of threading going on. Layout looks nicer now.

Agreed, the layout is much nicer. Also speaking from experiance, Nathan should work on the website when he is able. It helps bring in volunteers if you have a professional, interesting, and engaging website. 

Just to be clear I am the admin. ;)
Gotta keep things fun here.

Hey Nathan, If you need anyhelp with the temple I'm finally free. As free as I can be. Just let me know what needs to be done. :) -Tim

I haven't even started on the temple yet, I did a bit of work on the tabernacle, but didn't get very far on that either. I couldn't figure out how to make Blend4web work with a character so people could walk through the models.

Ah ok. Perhaps I'll take a look at it this weekend and see what I can come up with. :)
Edit: Is their a special TBA Account I should sign in with? Thanks. :D

The account you are using is tagged as a volunteer account, so in a way it is already a special TBA account

Ah ok. I downloaded blend4web and couple days ago. Just haven't had time to work with it. :P

Which Blend4Web do you use? The add-on or the SDK? Also do you know any Youtubers who show how to use it?

Should have responded ages ago, but this system doesn't give any notifications, which is just silly.
Anyway I am in the process of downloading the latest SDK right now. I'm not sure if just the addon would do what we need. Haven't really looked at the two to find the difference.
I do not know of any good tutorials, aside from the stuff that the Blend4Web team has put out.

No problem. I haven't been working with it much but thanks for the reply. Let me know when you figure out the difference and I'll try to work with it on my own. :D 

Okay, so I think the addon would be sufficient, and actualy that probably isn't even needed, as I can import any models and do all the exporting. I think you'd need the addon to get the texture and logic portions, but the SDK shouldn't be needed.
The tutorials on Blend4Webs site seem to be rather outdated, so I'll have to look at some of the sample files that are included with the SDK to figure out how to do the navigation stuff.

Alright sounds good. :D

Okay, just did an overhaul of the theming for the forum, and I think it looks way better. It's not really perfect yet, but after breaking the PHP and having to download the module to get those files back I think I'll just leave it as is for the time being.

Soujnds good. I like the new look. :)

Also I love the progress on the Tabernacle so far. I can't seem to figure out how to post comments on the posts. SO I figured I'd do it here. :)

I just took a look at the blog post, and you are right, there is no option to leave comments. I'm going to have to get on the web admins case, and see what's up with that.

Awesome hope it gets cleared up and fixed. :D 

Well I think I may have broken the pretty little blue buttons, but we do have comments on blog posts again. I'll have to mess around with some CSS yet to make it look nicer, and maybe try editing the template to remove the annoying reply button, as I really hate threaded comments.

Agreed. Keep up the good work. :) 

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