The most concise and up to date history about us will always be listed on this page.

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06/21/16 I fixed the blog posts so they can have comments again. I guess I removed that bit of the code from the theme at some point. O.o
06/01/16 Did some work on the forum, cleaned it up, removed a bunch of wasted white space, and gave all users a default image.
05/31/16 Did a variety of various updates to the site. Removed the tumblr account as it never really worked, and didn't have any followers. Cleared out empty year listings on this page as well. If/when I ever get around to find things from those years I'll just add the years back in.
04/05/16 Went through all the project pages and removed the copy links as that service has shut down.

11/22/15 Created a very rough beginning to the tabernacle VR project.
11/21/15 Updated all the project pages so they reflect the correct publish dates, no longer will old projects be showing before new projects.
10/28/15 All our projects have been published on the new website. Two projects yet need the files linked on
10/10/15 Rebooted the website, fresh install of Drupal seven and this time things are going to work, or else. ;)


05/04/11 Began working on major website updates.
04/29/11 Uploaded both of the Lego videos to our YouTube Channel.
04/26/11 Premiered another Lego animation.
03/29/11 Premiered a Lego animation video made by the Vice President's cousin. Now our Chief Lego Animator.
02/24/11 Created the Sermon page, converted all the video sermons to audio and put them together onto this page.
02/17/11 Minor updates to website.
01/17/11 Started work on rigging a Triceratops

12/29/10 Started working on rigging a T-rex. Downloaded the T-rex from
11/01/10 World Premier of Life's Midwest Winters, about thirty persons download the PDF.
10/11/10 World premier of Life's Midwest Winters Announced.
10/10/10 Animation on Section two of CwCa starts, running the animation renders over night.
09/27/10 Franklin Joins our team.
09/22/10 Added Google Analytics to the website, and have started gathering information about our visitors.
08/11/10 New Blog post about Joe's house and the progress we are making.
07/25/10 Special video for reaching the 100 fan milestone.
07/24/10 Hit one-hundred fans this morning.
07/20/10 Received business cards in the mail.
07/14/10 Spent about an hour and got most the site up and running. There are still a few small things to fix yet, but the site is doing good.
07/13/10 Registered a domain, and started work on migrating our site. New web address,
07/04/10 Did a major re-write of the code for the homepage and integrated: twitter feeds, added a like on facebook option, and a bookmark and share button to bookmark and share our website.
06/18/10 Started looking into getting a prepaid Visa card. This would be used on the local internet we use to A. Purchase Business cards, and B. Register our domain name, making Google searches pull us up higher on the hit list, and making our web URL shorter and more professional.
05/26/10 New Blog post about the creation of the Flame Thrower for Life's Midwest Winters
05/05/10 Recorded a video tutorial on how to create a Sparking effect to use on logos, or anything else.
04/18/10 Recorded a video tutorial on how we created the field of trees with tracking objects to the camera.
04/13/10 Downloaded CamStudio so I could record my first video Tuto.
04/01/10 Uploaded "The Truth" and plastered the link everywhere.
03/30/10 Finished the Easter book "The Truth", unfortunately I couldn't upload it because Windows was having trouble.
03/18/10 Created our blog.
03/09/10 Added the new menu to all the pages and tested all links. Uploaded all the pages, and graphics, still a few things to upload, and some links aren't working and need to be fixed.
03/05/10  Did a lot of work updating the site on our computers made new pages, added more content, biggest update we have had to date.
02/11/10  Started work on Life's Midwest Winters.
01/28/10  Started work on our first newsletter. They will hopefully be monthly, though if there isn't enough interest they will only be every other month.

  Worked on editing portions of the website and preparing files for upload.
11/19/09  Created a video for on Youtube asking people to become our fan.
11/10/09  Got our website hosted.
11/08/09  Did some work on the website getting it ready to be put online. Added a new page, and put in more links and content.
10/07/09  We had our first volunteer today, volunteering to do narration for our Creation videos.
10/07/09  We got our first USB mouse so we can begin working a lot faster, as a mouse is better to use for computer animation than the touch/track pad on a laptop.
09/03/09  Uploaded the video of the Spirit of God walking on the water to Youtube.
09/02/09  Got our fan page working.
09/01/09  Tried to make a facebook fan page, but it didn't work.
08/31/09  Created our Youtube channel.
08/30/09  Started work on our Creation with Computer Animation
07/19/09  Decided to create an entirely new set of characters. I might use MakeHuman, freely downloadable software, to create the characters.
07/17/09  Began modifying the Playmobil person character so it' not as much Playmobil like.
07/13/09  Started working on this site.
07/02/09  Chose a name. The Bible Animated.
06/30/09  Came up with the idea.

Finished the Christmas video, never thought I would start my own ministry.