So you may have noticed that there are multiple options when it comes to watching/download our videos/books/anything else. We take it you are wondering what the difference is between all the options and which is best for you. Well we anticipated that happening and created this page just for you.

     You have two main download options, download via torrent or http, there is a big difference here a torrent download requires a torrent client, basically a program to actually do the downloading. Qbittorent, Tixati, uTorrent, and Deluge are all good free programs that we suggest. Http downloads run like most downloads you are probably familiar with, your browser handles the download. So what's the big difference? Well a http download is stored on a central server, or server cluster, so when you download direct from our website or from our mirror link ( you are downloading from a server, which is usually a great option, but if either of those sites happen to be down then there is no way to download the file. This is where a torrent shines, a torrent doesn't rely on a single server, instead people around the world have the file on their computer and when you download it those people are actually sending you bits of the file from their torrent clients. Don't worry, there is no way for people to modify the file after downloading it, and corrupting your download. Because of its decentralized nature it is very difficult for them to be taken down or removed. Http downloads are usually going to be faster at our size because we don't have very many people seeding the files around the world.
     The files on our server require you to right click on the link and select save as from the menu, otherwise they will try to play in your browser, which will usually work, but won't download a local file for you.

     Your other option is to just stream the video, rather than actually downloading it to your computer, and we have most of our videos on both Youtube and Vimeo for you to watch them.

If you do download via torrent we'd sure appreciate if you seeded the file for a while. Also we have a torrent feed that you can add to your torrent client and automatically download all our content. Here's the link.