Completed Projects

Christmas Rerelease

We've gone ahead and re-rendered and animated our very first video, due to time restraints we didn't get all new audio, and couldn't render things out with quite as many samples as we might have liked to, but this is still a huge improvement over the original video.

Acts 1

Listen to our reading of Acts 1 with scenes from it recreated using LEGO bricks.

Why December 25th

Why do we celebrate Christmas when we do? This short video aims to look at a few of the theories/reasons for why we celebrate Christmas on December twenty-fifth.

The Life of Christ

This is our first, and only, feature length film. Production took a little over a year.

Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand

This is the full version of the fan video that appears in our film The Life of Christ.

David and Goliath

Watch David and Goliath like never before, a LEGO retelling that is sure thrill everybody, young or old.


Zacchaeus is probably best know for being a wee little man that climbed a tree. In this video we explore a bit more about what he did and who he was.

The Kings Family The Play

This series is comprised of three videos, all included in the download. Rivalry runs high between two schools and two brothers. Will the competition cause those involved to forget what is really important?

Creation with Computer animation

The creation account in CGI, by no means a million dollar production, but we're proud of it.