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Tabernacle Update 6-29

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Tabernacle Updates 6-15

     I didn't really do a whole lot of anything this evening, just some material tweaks, most of which won't even be used for the final animation or the VR experience, as I was changing around materials and textures in Blender Internal, and when rendered out for animation I'll be using Cycles, an

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Tabernacle Model Updates

     I hopefully will be having many blog posts from this point on out, as I've been setting aside my Wednesday evening to work on TBA related things. This evening I thought I'd work on the actual model of the tabernacle, rather than keep trying to figure out how Blend4Web works.

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Foray into VR

     Step right up, get your taste of VR!


Explore the tabernacle like never before, all from the comforts of home.

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Blender 3d Hologram Tutorial

     In this video tutorial I'll be showing you how to create a hologram effect in Blender utilizing the internal render engine and Freestyle, plus a little compositing magic.
     I cover the important information first, and then explain more little "extras" further along, so you can start creating your very own holograms just as soon as possible.

Creation with Computer Animation

The creation account in CGI, by no means a million dollar production, but we're proud of it.

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     Hello everybody an update from the president here, not the president of the USA or anything like that, but the president of, drum roll, The Bible Animated. We have recently added a new volunteer, and progress is being made on Creation with Computer animation.

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Recent updated, and ramblings.

     I’ve been doing a lot of work on trying to get the grass growing scene to look decent. As you can see from watching this video I’ve done a lot of test but haven’t had any good results.

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Making of a Flame Thrower

I finished the flame thrower today, and posted the final image, and thought it might be a nice idea to create a blog post about how it all came together and the many steps it took to create it.


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