Praise God

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   So a while back I had done a reply tweet to 3dworldmag. They had tweeted. Let's share our knowledge and all become better 3D artists! What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?

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God's Awesome

   So I know we already all know this, but God's Awesome, sometimes we need to be reminded of just how Awesome God is. Today we've such a story.

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Recent updated, and ramblings.

     I’ve been doing a lot of work on trying to get the grass growing scene to look decent. As you can see from watching this video I’ve done a lot of test but haven’t had any good results.

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Web Migration

   Yesterday we started the web site on the paid server. But we had to wait to today to actually begin uploading any files.

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Great news

A few days ago I had to move my old laptop and I noticed the battery was still in it so I tried to turn it on and the hard-drive actually started spinning.

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