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Tabernacle Update 6-29

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Why there was no update yesterday

     Ya, I know, this post is a day late, before you drag me out of town and tar and feather me let me take a moment to explain things, both why this is a day late and why there aren't any new updates to the tabernacle.

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Tabernacle Updates 6-15

     I didn't really do a whole lot of anything this evening, just some material tweaks, most of which won't even be used for the final animation or the VR experience, as I was changing around materials and textures in Blender Internal, and when rendered out for animation I'll be using Cycles, an

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Tabernacle Model Updates

     I hopefully will be having many blog posts from this point on out, as I've been setting aside my Wednesday evening to work on TBA related things. This evening I thought I'd work on the actual model of the tabernacle, rather than keep trying to figure out how Blend4Web works.

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Foray into VR

     Step right up, get your taste of VR!


Explore the tabernacle like never before, all from the comforts of home.

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Temples and a tabernacle

     When I was looking online for reference images for the temple I realized that there were two temples yet we only planned to recreate one digitally, that didn't seem right to me so I thought it over and changed plans.

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