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     Hi there, I'm the President and Founder of The Bible Animated, I also manage most of the things around here, running the website, doing all the social media, etc.
     I use Linux, and love all things open source. My workspace consists of a seven year old laptop and a two year old desktop that I built. Linux truly makes computers so much better, I can't imagine even trying to run windows on my laptop.
     I work full time as a second assistant manager in the hardware department of a large home improvement store, and most of my time is tied up in that.
     I run my own personal website which though functional needs quite a bit of work, I've been focusing on The Bible Animated, but as soon as things here are all as perfect as I want I'll be updating my site. On my site I have more of my freelance type stuff, voice talent, photography, drawings, and Minetest. I release two videos a week on my youtube channel mod reviews, tutorials, lets plays, all that fun stuff.
     As you can see I keep pretty busy, which is why things take time to get completed.

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